Xenia Clinic's Event

[First time Trial] 

Target: Customers who have never received the treatment at this hospital, limited to one time per person

*Price does not include a tax of 10% yet  

[First time Trial] Shurink Universe Ultra MP Mode 300 shots 

Shurink Universe! Faster result, less pain! due to faster treatment time with MP mode! Strong effect! Next generation Lifting laser


[First time Trial ] Picosure Toning + Pack

Premium Pigment Toning Laser Fast and strong whitening improvement 


[First time Trial] Inmode FX 1 area   

lectric stimulation combining high-energy radio frequency and IRE technology reduces unnecessary fat

Limited to one per person within the event period
*No duplicate discount 


[First time Trial] Aqua Peeling 1session 

Improve Pimples / Skin Pores / Blackheads 


[First time Trial] Moisture charging LDM care 1session(6 min) 

LDM Water Drop Basic Mode hydration/dewy/ultrasonic/regenerative/sensitive skin
- regeneration LED 6 min


[First time Trial] Lhala Peel 1session 

Skin radience, 4th generation pelling 


[First time Trial] Ultherapy 100 shots 

A premium lift that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy (HIFU) to stimulate collagen regeneration for a natural-looking facelift.



[First time Trial] V Laser CoolView 1 Mode 

V laser's CoolView handpiece delivers to deeper layers of the skin to improve a variety of pigmentary conditions 


[First time Trial] V Laser Genesis 1 session  

Using Genesis with the 1064nm wavelength of the V laser to deliver high energy, specialized treatment for improving redness, red pigmentation, freckles, and skin texture  


[First time Trial] Skin Botox (made in korea) 2cc 

Moisturized skin, elastic texture, wrinkle improvement Skin Resilience, elastic texture of the skin Soften facial lines 


[First time Trial] Pico Fraxel 1 session  

Laser that does not cause thermal damage to surrounding tissue, resulting in faster recovery and fewer side effects 


[First time Trial] POTENZA Full Face 1 session 

Delivers RF energy using microneedles to provide effective, customized solutions based on skin conditions and symptoms


[First time Trial] Exosome 5cc (MTS) 

Skin booster that firms from the inside out with pure stem cell culture medium