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Aqua Peeling 

Improve Pimples / Skin Pores / Blackheads 

Starting from 19,000won

PHA Peeling 

Peel to strengthen the moisture barrier without exfoliation 

Starting from 109,000won

Aladdin Peeling 

Peeling with natural micro-needles to slough off dead skin cells 

Starting from  79,000won

Jessner Peeling 

Peel that removes dead skin cells and sebum that are clogging pores to help them drain 

Starting from  80,000won

Black Peel

Soft peeling with black vinegar 

Starting from  59,000won

Lhala Peel  

Skin radience, 4th generation pelling 

Starting from  69,000won


Manage LDM skin regeneration mode for healthy skin without irritation

Starting from  29,000won

Vitamin Whiting Care 

Whitening ampoules penetrate the skin through iontophoresis to deliver whitening effects 

Starting from 49,000won

Pimple Care  

Care that removes dead skin cells and sebum, extrudes pimples, and facilitates oil drainage 

Starting from  9,000won

Hydration Care 

Use soothing aloe gels and ampoules to calm sensitive skin 

Starting from 39,000won

Radio Frequency Care 

Use RF to induce skin activation 

Starting from 25,000won

Skincare Package 

Skincare Package

Starting from  119,000won