Skin Booster

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Fillmed NCTF 135 

The best skin boosters for skin boosting 

Starting from 129,000won


Effective skin booster that regulates oil and water balance, activates skin's ability to regenerate, and increases elasticity

Starting from  99,000won

Juvelook Skin booster 

Shrinks pores, reduces the appearance of acne marks and pitted scars 

Starting from   199,000won


Skin Booster with PDRN to promote rapid regeneration of skin tissue  

Starting from  79,000won

Baby Injection 

Excellent skin booster with MGF to regenerate collagen and fiber cells in the skin 

Starting from 99,000won

Hydro Injection 

Skin booster for honey glow, water glow effect with high concentration hyaluronic acid injection

Starting from  69,000won

Exosome 5cc 

Skin booster that firms from the inside out with pure stem cell culture medium 

Starting from  239,000won

Skin Booster Package 

Skin Booster Package

Starting from  99,000won