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Capri Laser 

Acne laser that does not cause thermal damage to surrounding tissue, resulting in faster recovery and fewer side effects. 

Starting from  59,000won 

Potenza acne 

Apply to acne and sebaceous glands with a specialized tip to prevent breakout

Starting from  179,000won

Ethosome Gold PTT 

Radical acne treatment that penetrates the skin with micro-sized gold particles to destroy sebaceous glands and bacteria 

Starting from  149,000won


Manage LDM skin regeneration mode for healthy skin without irritation 

Starting from  25,000won

Inflammatory shots 

Injection to catch inflammation in its early stages to prevent worsening symptoms, scarring, and marks 

Starting from  10,000won


Prescribe medication to relieve acne symptoms 

Starting from 30,000won

Acne Package 

Acne Packages

Starting from 129,000won