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Jaw Botox Injection

Chin muscle reduction

Starting from 19,000won

 Anti-wrinkle Botox 

Botox for improving wrinkles caused by facial expressions or aging

Starting from 9,900won

Special Areas Botox 

The procedure of administering Botox to specific areas to impart distinct effects according to the purpose and improve troublesome areas

Starting from 29,000won

Hyperhydrosis Botox

Botulinum toxin effective for inhibiting sweat secretion

Starting from 69,000won

Body Botox

Botox that slimly improves body lines that were not effectively affected by weight loss due to developed muscles

Starting from 49,00won

Skin botox

Botox that helps maintain the overall elasticity of the face, keeping the skin firm and taut

Starting from 59,000won