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Shurink Universe

Less pain due to faster treatment time with MP mode! Strong effect! Next generation Lifting laser

Starting from  49,000 won 


Electric stimulation combining high-energy radio frequency and IRE technology reduces unnecessary fat by total face lifting from the epidermis to the SMAS layer and improves facial contours by collagen regeneration

Starting from  45,000 won


A high-frequency laser by Wontec company Outstanding in preventing aging through collagen regeneration.

Starting from  130,000won

Dia Lifting 

Non-invasive collagen volume lifting with bipolar and monopolar crossed radiofrequency irradiation

Starting from  120,000won


high-intensity ultrasonic lifting laser

Starting from  249,000won


4th Generation FLX 

Starting from  1,790,000won


high-density vibration energy to the movement of aging and slowing cells to create a healthy skin environment, and naturally induces cell-level activity without strong stimulation to the skin

Starting from 25,000won

Tightening/Lifting Package

Lifting laser combination procedure

Starting from  79,000won