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Deal of the Month

Price does not include a tax of 10% yet

[Deal of the Month] Inmode FX + Forma 1 area 1 session 

A superb procedure involving the application of Forma in the first step and FX in the second step over the entire face, resulting in excellent fat reduction and collagen regeneration effects 

299,000 won 

[Deal of the Month] One Day Super Picosure Package 

Picosure Toning + Pico Fraxel + LDM 1 Mode + Mummy Mask 

129,000 won 

[Deal of the Month] Pick Skin Booster Package by myself 

1. Rejuran 2cc
2. Lilied 5cc + Korea Skin Botox (Liztox) 1cc
3. Exosome 5 cc MTS
4. Rejuran HB 1cc + Korea Skin Botox (Liztox) 1cc
5. Fillmed NCFT135 3cc MTS + Hydro injection
6. Skin Botox (Xeomin) 2cc + Hydro injection

Choose 3 of these  

499,000 won 

[Deal of the Month] Fat Dissolving Injection 5cc x 3 session 

Xenia's lipolytic injection without steroids 

99,000 won 

[Deal of the Month] Aurora Ampoule + Maintain Elasticity Care 

Using Aurora ampoule to aid in elasticity care 

30,000 won