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Skin care/Peeling

Price does not include a tax of 10% yet

[LDM Acne Mode] 12 minutes 1 session

LDM acne mode management helps you achieve healthy skin without the pain and side effects 

59,000 won

[LDM] Care 100mins

Manage LDM 100-minute deductions (regardless of mode)

349,000 won 

[Rejuran] Healer 2cc (Inject directly)

Effective skin booster that regulates oil and water balance, activates skin's ability to regenerate, and increases elasticity 

189,000 won 

[Rejuran i] 1cc

Rejuran for small-grained eye area only

99,000 won 

[PHA Peeling]

Peel to strengthen the moisture barrier without exfoliation

109,000 won 

[Aladdin Peeling] without Extrusion

Peeling with natural micro-needles to slough off dead skin cells 

79,000 won 

[Black Peel]

A gentle peeling based on black vinegar

59,000 won 

[Lhala Peel + Ethosome Gold PTT] 1 session

Addresses the root cause of acne and improves the skin's core for firmer, healthier skin

199,000 won 

[Vitamin Whiting Care] 1 session

Delivering whitening effects by penetrating whitening ampoules into the skin through iontophoresis 

49,000 won 

[Hydration Care] 1 session

Soothing sensitive skin using aloe gel and ampoules known for their calming properties  

39,000 won 

[Radio Frequency Care] 1session

Treatment inducing skin activation using high-frequency

49,000 won  

[Basic] Take control of my skin

Choose 5 of Aqua Peel, LDM Moisture Mode 6 min, Regeneration Treatment, Moisture Soothing Treatment, Vitamin Whitening Treatment, Cinderella Injection, Whitening Injection, Licorice Injection, Garlic Injection, Vitamin D Injection

119,000 won 

[Premium] Take control of my skin

Choose 5 of LDM Moisturizing 12 min, AquaPeel with Nose Extrusion, Acne Treatment, Jessner Peeling, Regeneration Treatment

199,000 won