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Skin booster 

Price does not include a tax of 10% yet

[Juvelook] Skin booster 2cc 1session

Shrinks pores, reduces the appearance of acne marks and pitted scars 

299,000 won 

[Juvelook/Hydro] Juvelook Skin Booster 2cc + Hydro Injection 1cc 1 session (using Hycoox Injector)

349,000 won 

[Hycoox Injector]

Quicker treatment, less pain, higher penetration, and more effective skin booster with our injectors!

29,000 won 

[First Time Trial] Fillmed NCTF 135 3cc (MTS)

The best skin boosters for skin boosting 

129,000 won 

[Rejuran] Healer 2cc (Inject directly)

Effective skin booster that regulates oil and water balance, activates skin's ability to regenerate, and increases elasticity 

189,000 won 

[Rejuran i) 1cc

Rejuran for small-grained eye area only

99,000 won 

[Rejuran HB] 1cc

Less pain, water light effect and skin rejuvenation at the same time 

Hycoox Injector +29000won

159,000 won 

[Lilied M] 5cc

Lilied 5cc Genuine Metered, 6-step purification process, pure water jet seeds 

Hycoox Injector +29000won

159,000 won 

[PDRN] 3cc

Skin Booster with PDRN to promote rapid regeneration of skin tissue  

Hycoox Injector +29000 won

79,000 won 

[Baby Face Injection] 2cc

Excellent skin booster with MGF to regenerate collagen and fiber cells in the skin 

99,000 won 

[Hydro Injection]

Skin booster for honey glow, water glow effect with high concentration hyaluronic acid injection 

hycoox injector +29000won

69,000 won 

[Exosome] (MTS)

Skin booster that firms from the inside out with pure stem cell culture medium

239,000 won 


Hydro Injection 2.5cc+ Korea Skin botox (Liztox)  1cc
hycoox injector +29000 won 

99,000 won 

Pure Watertox Filling

Hydro Injection 2.5cc+Skin botox (Xeomin) 1cc
hycoox injector +29000 won

159,000 won 

PDRN Watertox Filling  

Hydro Injection 2.5cc+DNA Salmon Injection 2cc
hycoox injector +29000 won 

99,000 won 

PDRN Toxin

DNA Salmon Injection 2.5cc+Korea Skin botox (Liztox) 1cc
Highcooks injector +29000 won 

99,000 won