Xeniaclinic's Event


Price does not include a tax of 10% yet

[LDM Acne Mode] 12 minutes 1 session 

LDM acne mode management helps you achieve healthy skin without the pain and side effects

59,000 won 

[LDM] Care 100mins

Manage LDM 100-minute deductions (regardless of mode)

 349,000 won 

[Capri] 1session (Without Extrusion)

Acne laser that minimizes side effects and promotes quick recovery by avoiding heat damage to surrounding tissues

79,000 won 

[Ethosome Gold PTT] 1session

Radical acne treatment that penetrates the skin with micro-sized gold particles to destroy sebaceous glands and bacteria 

149,000 won 

[Lhala Peel + Ethosome Gold PTT] 1 session

Addresses the root cause of acne and improves the skin's core for firmer, healthier skin 

199,000 won 


Price does not include a tax of 10% yet

[First Time Trial] Pico Fraxel 

Laser that does not cause thermal damage to surrounding tissue, resulting in faster recovery and fewer side effects

59,000 won 

[First Time Trial] POTENZA Full Face

Delivering high-frequency energy through microneedles, offering tailored solutions effective for various skin conditions and symptoms

109,000 won 

[Fraxel] 1session

Effects on pore reduction, improvement of acne scars, and fading of pigmentation marks 

49,000 won