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First time Trial

Target: Customers who have never received the treatment at this hospital, limited to one time per person

Price does not include a tax of 10% yet

[First time Trial] Shurink Universe Ultra MP Mode 300 shots 

Fastened procedure time and dense lifting effect with minimal pain using the advanced ultrasonic technology 


[First Time Trial] Picosure Toning + Mask sheet 

An effective laser for treating various pigmented skin conditions, where conventional laser equipment fell short 

45,000 won 

[First Time Trial] Inmode FX 1 area 

A procedure that applies high-energy high-frequency heat and momentarily sends currents to induce the apoptosis of fat cells, improving contours 

45,000 won 

[First Time Trial] Aqua Peeling  

Peeling that clears sebum from the skin by removing impurities inside the pores 

29,000 won 

[First Time Trial] LDM skin care Moisture mode 1 session(6 min) 

Skin regeneration mode management with LDM enables improvement to healthy skin without irritation 

29,000 won 

[First Time Trial] Lhala Peel  

A fourth-generation peeling that minimizes skin irritation with a pH of 5.5 

69,000 won 

[First Time Trial] Ultherapy 100 shots  

Visible ultrasound, with Ulthera's proprietary DeepSEE™ technology, allows for precise treatment while visually inspecting the skin in real-time 

249,000 won 

[First Time Trial] V Laser CoolView 1 Mode   

V Laser's CoolView handpiece delivers to deeper layers of the skin to improve a variety of pigmentary conditions  

79,000 won 

[First Time Trial] V Laser Genesis Toning  

Using V Laser Genesis with the 1064nm wavelength of the V Laser to deliver high energy, specialized treatment for improving redness, red pigmentation, freckles, and skin texture 

79,000 won 

[First Time Trial] Skin Botox Korea Liztox 2cc 

Botox for the entire face, tightening and firming the skin 

59,000 won 

[First Time Trial] Pico Fraxel 

LLaser that does not cause thermal damage to surrounding tissue, resulting in faster recovery and fewer side effects  

59,000 won 

[First Time Trial] POTENZA Full Face 

Delivering high-frequency energy through microneedles, offering tailored solutions effective for various skin conditions and symptoms 

109,000 won 

[First Time Trial] Fillmed NCTF 135 3cc (MTS) 

The best skin boosters for skin boosting 

129,000 won 

[First Time Trial] Exosome 5cc (MTS) 

A skin booster that tightens from within with pure stem cell culture fluid  

199,000 won 

[First Time Trial] Hydro Injection 2.5cc (Potenza Pumping Tip) 

A skin booster for honey-like glow and dewy effect by injecting high-concentration hyaluronic acid

159,000 won 

[First Time Trial] RADIESSE 6cc 

A procedure inducing volume formation and collagen production with a 6cc injection of Radiesse containing CaHA and CMC ingredients 

790,000 won